18-20 October, 2016

Professor Mike Keppell

Pro Vice-Chancellor Learning Transformations
Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

9:50 AM [Case Study] Innovative pedagogies and learning tools for on-campus blended learning and online learning

Swinburne University of Technology has a unique ecosystem of online, blended learning, vocational education and higher education.The focus is on engaging our students through quality personalized education that encompasses authentic learning, authentic assessment, peers learning and problem-solving. This session will illustrate the success elements for online learning.
  • Interactive teaching and active-learning methods in blended and online courses
  • What are the crucial knowledge, skills and attitudes that are needed to enhance learner-centered pedagogies in the 21st century?
  • Future Faculty Program: Developing and sustaining an innovative teaching community through professional development

11:00 AM [Panel Discussion] ‘Facebook-ing’ the online learning: building connected learning community to engage and enhance learner retention rate

  • Restructuring curriculum to fit online learning modalities: essential attributes of online environment
  • From instructional to constructional design to elevate diversified learning insights
  • Understanding the reflection pathway and how one share with one another
  • Leveraging established social platforms and omni-channels to stay in tune with students– a cost effective, user-friendly and impactoriented approach

9:00 AM Innovative Pedagogies in a Connected world: Strategies for Teaching in a Digital Age

This workshop will focus on learning and teaching in a connected world within the Higher Education context. Knowledge is now co-created, disseminated via networks, and personalised. It has moved from being described as “explaining some part of the world” and “used in some type of action” to involving ecologies and networks(Siemens, 2006, p. vi). The workshop will focus on:
  • How learning and teaching has changed in a connected world (15mins)
    o Wide range of learning spaces
    o Greater need to connect with students
    o Technology moving to a central role
  • Innovative teaching in a connected world (30 mins):o Blended learning
    o Authentic assessment
    o Personalised learning
    o Open education
  • The knowledge, skills and attitudes teachers need to thrive in a connected world (30 mins)
    o Digital fluency
    o Technology affordances
    o Seamless teaching
    o Scholarship
    o Learning analytics
    o Feedback as feed-forward
  • The knowledge, skills and attitudes learners need to thrive in a connected world (30 mins)
    o Learners will need a toolkit encompassing digital literacies, seamless learning, self-regulated learning, learning-oriented assessment, lifelong learning, and flexible learning pathways. This toolkit will enable the learner to tackle the complexities of the learning landscape that is becoming increasingly digital, connected, and ambiguous.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Mike.

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